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Classical Series Feedback

Since the Classical Series mouthpieces were in their prototype phase, and since they have been released to the public, we have received much positive feedback on their playability. Here is some of the feedback that we've gotten:

"I have been playing on your Classical Series 3C for several months now, and I just wanted to let you know that I have officially taken my Bach 3C (my standard "go to" all around mouthpiece) out of my mouthpiece pouch and replaced it with the Classical 3C. The blow, the pitch, and the center are exactly what I have been looking for, while giving me even more richness and color in the sound than I got from the Bach...and without working so hard. Congratulations on a great little mouthpiece!"
Dennis Monce,
Freelance Trumpet, Phoenix, AZ
Faculty Associate of Jazz Trumpet, Arizona State University

"This 1 1/2C is really great! I've only been playing for a day, but it's very comfortable and efficient. I've got some performances of L'histoire du Soldat coming up and I plan to play it on those. Also a run of Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas."
Brent Flinchbaugh,
Principal Trumpet, Baltimore Chamber Orchestra
First Trumpet, Clipper City Brass Quintet

"After getting this piece, I took it right on the road with Natalie Cole. It was playing good on the first set and on the second set, when I would usually change pieces, I kept with it and it only played better. After that, I took it to a studio date with Randy Newman and he complimented me on my sound. I have been telling everyone I know about it, and I haven't played another piece since!"
Jon Pappenbrook,
Lead Trumpet, Natalie Cole
Los Angeles Studio Musician
Lead Trumpet for Touring Artists

"These new pieces are excellent in an overall way. They have good pitch, the center of the sound is very easily present, and the rim is comfortable. Beyond that, they 'breathe' really well and that is so important to a player, because the 'blow' makes the person either want to keep playing the piece or put it down."
Roy Poper,
Associate Professor of Trumpet, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Master Chorale
Principal Trumpet, San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival
Los Angeles Studio Musician

"I've been playing your new Classical Series 3C for about 3 weeks now. I've been on a 3C diameter for 20 years, and I've tried everything out there. I have to say that this mouthpiece is the best, by far, of anything I have ever used for classical work. Rim contour feels perfect on my chops, articulations are crisp and clean, intonation is impeccable. And the sound.....Wow...Tons of core and projection. I've already used it on a couple of big band gigs and the guys commented on how great it sounded. There is something special about this mouthpiece! While I normally don't use this deep of a cup for lead work, the sound and sizzle up high are mind-blowing. But when I back off, it gets really warm and full. I've been playing your pieces for 25 years now, and plan to continue using them the rest of my career. And with this new 3C, my classical work is Reeves too!"
Mike Supple
Freelance Trumpet, Minneapolis, MN

"This 3C is a homerun! I've been using Reeves pieces for years for commercial playing, but I've always used a Bach 3C for classical settings. I recently used the new 3C on a show I had at the Kennedy Center, and I am now proud to say that I use Reeves pieces for all my work. The slotting, pitch, and articulation are superb. My friend even offered me $300 for this piece after trying it!"

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