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One of the most important aspects (and one where Bob Reeves Brass excels) of valve alignment  is the pad material. Most trumpet makers use felt, cork or rubber pads as valve bumpers. The problem with these materials is that they change dramatically over time due to compression and decompose when mixed with oil and saliva, two components commonly found in trumpets.

The pad material used in a Bob Reeves valve alignment is highly stable and will stand up to oil and saliva as well as pounding from daily use. Instead of compressing over the course of weeks, our pads last on average from 5 to 10 years. If you feel your pads are wearing out (or they get accidentally thrown out!), all we have to do is send you a new set of pads to put your horn back to where it was the day it left the shop after our alignment.

Unless parts of your valves have been changed, there is not a need to send your horn back to us once it has been aligned.

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