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Welcome to the show notes for Episode #118 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features  jazz trumpeter Clint Baker. Listen to or download the episode below:

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About Clint Baker

Clint Baker is a seasoned bandleader with over 40 years of experience in the music industry. Having traveled the world and shared his musical talents in both Europe and Asia, Clint has established himself as a versatile musician with a passion for jazz.

Clint is currently deeply involved in music education and serves as the director of the prestigious Teagarden Jazz Camp held in Sly Park, California. His dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians is evident in his work with aspiring talents at this esteemed jazz camp.

In addition to his educational endeavors, Clint remains an active performer in the vibrant music scene of the Bay Area. He can be found collaborating with various groups such as Nick Rossi’s swing band, Heidi Evelyn, the Hot Baked Goods, and Jessica King, where his musical prowess shines brightly. Furthermore, Clint’s commitment to preserving the rich history of jazz is evident in his ongoing role as the instructor of the renowned jazz history symposium ‘Jazz from the Hill’. Through this long-running program, he imparts his knowledge and passion for jazz to eager learners, ensuring the legacy of this beloved music genre endures for generations to come.

Clint Baker’s dedication to music, both as a performer and educator, has left an indelible mark on the jazz community, making him a respected figure and a driving force in the world of jazz music.

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